Best Buys

Recently, my brother asked me “What are your best buys?” My answer included a list of various possessions I had which I considered to be of good value and therefore a worthwhile investment.  A week or so later, after a bad experience with chicken wieners, I started to compose a mental list of “Things I wouldn’t buy again”.

This week, I will share my best buys; next blog post, I will share my list of worst buys.

  1. Butterfly Lash Extensions  

I first got lash extensions in December 2015.  I decided to get lash extensions because I thought it would be a nice treat before Christmas.  Little did I know I would continue to get them for more than a year!!


I am currently in the process of getting rid of my lash extensions.  I love them, but I recently decided that I will take a break from having them so that I could use the money towards other priorities (like saving for our wedding!!).  My false lashes fall out naturally with my own eyelashes, so the process of getting rid of them is slow.  I think that in a month or so, if I still have any fake lashes left, I will contact the salon and see if they can remove them.

However!! I consider the butterfly lash extensions a “best buy” for me because they have saved me lots of fuss in putting on mascara and other eye make-up.  I also have gotten lots of compliments on the lashes and having them has definitely simplified my morning routine. Someday, I may go back to having butterfly lashes and I would recommend them to anyone thinking about trying them out.

2. M & M Chicken Breasts


M & M boneless skinless chicken breasts are great quality and always taste good.  They are often on sale for $15.99 for 1.63 kg (8-10 breasts) and their regular price is $20.99 I think.  I find these chicken breasts really convenient to use because you can just take 1 or 2 out of the freezer and cook in the oven, without having to thaw or season them.

3. BOGS Winter Boots


This is a picture of the winter boots that I bought back in December 2016.  I bought them at Smith’s Shoes in Smiths Falls after my friend, Katie, recommended the brand to me.  I like the BOGS brand because it is like a mix of rubber boots and traditional winter boots.  I also like the rubber bottom because my feet are never wet; plus, the pull-on boot style is so much better than boots that require lacing up!!

4. Vega One Nutritional Shake


I am on my second tub of this product and I must say I am a big fan.  I have a smoothie to drink probably 3 days of the week and I like adding Vega One because there is a lot of nutrition packed into a small scoop!  I get Vega One on sale at Independent for around $50 it it does me for 2 months or so (using 3/4 of a scoop each time).


5. Maurice’s Trouser Jeans


I have had these jeans for 2 years (at least) and I wear them once a week on average.  They are my go-to Casual Friday jeans and I like them because they are a bit more dressy than a normal jean.  They are excellent value for the price (around $55 CAD).  You can find Maurice’s online or at Carlingwood Mall or Place D’Orleans.


Hope you enjoyed my best buys!!




2 thoughts on “Best Buys

  1. Saxx underwear, Roots outerwear,
    Apple hardware, ToS software,
    Bose sound, German hound,
    and Kirkland Co. coffee, ground.


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