The Worst Storm of the Year?

That’s what they said when I watched the news tonight.  Today’s snow storm has brought lots of fresh white powder to cover up the dirty snow and slippery ice from last week.

I spent much of today at a fundraiser for the library in Smiths Falls.  Doug and I were on a team with some staff from Duncan J., where I work.  We did quite well and placed 3rd out of 15 teams (or so).  Lots of fun and the perfect thing to do on a day when all you want to do is stay inside!!

Here are some photos and updates of what I’ve been up in the past 3 weeks…


Library Fundraiser – Sunday, February 12, 2017

Here is a quick photo of the fundraiser from today.  It was really well-attended!! The categories included: “Happiness Is…”, “Canada 150”, “Rules to…”, “Planet Earth”, and “Pot Pourri”.  The clothesline in front was updated with team scores after each round.


Spa Day – Sunday, January 29, 2017

A couple weeks ago, some of the ladies in my family had a spa day at my sister’s house.  We had a light lunch (pictured above) and Shelley’s friend, Brittney gave us pedicures.  She basically has a mobile spa!! It was lots of fun and very relaxing.  It was also a great way for mom to get rid of her Christmas cookies!!


I love belonging to the Blizzard Fan Club!! If you love blizzards as much as I do, you should definitely become a member of the DQ Blizzard fan club.  It is free, and they often send you coupons for BOGO blizzards.  Doug and I got Salted Caramel Truffle blizzards on Wednesday night to have as we watched our favourite new show “Mary Kills People”.


My ever-developing, math wall!! I am quite proud of how my math wall has been changing and evolving as I think of new things to add to it.  You’ll see to the left that we are working on speeches!!


Valentine’s cupcake cups and picks – I have used the cups for muffins already and will be using the picks for cupcakes for my class later this week.  Little things like this make “unnecessary” holidays like Valentine’s much more entertaining, I think!!


Updated bulletin board – I enjoy decorating the bulletin boards near my classroom and am by no means a pro (I will not be putting this stuff up on Pinterest, haha!!) but I really like the polka dots I made here!!  I am going to be having the kids in my class each pick their favourite thing about themselves, take a photo, and post it on the board.


I hope that you have a great week ahead!!



One thought on “The Worst Storm of the Year?

  1. I didn’t know you could be a member of the Blizzard Club, how yummy.
    My pedicure is still looking great, thanks Brittney, I enjoyed the day.
    Enjoy your week.


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