My Life Lately

Sharing a few pictures and just general updates tonight on the blog.

It has been a BUSY weekend over here, but that’s the way I like them.  We jam-packed lots into our weekend and it has been productive, relaxing, and I’m ready for the week ahead (I think?!)

Last Monday, I went skating behind the Rivoire’s house with Doug, Caitlyn, and their dad, Gord.  The entire creek behind their house was ready for skating so we skated at our leisure up and down the entire area.  The sun was just starting to set and I tried to get some good pictures but I feel that the pictures I took just didn’t do it all justice.
My grocery list from this past weekend.  For the past two weeks, Doug and I have been splitting up the grocery shopping instead of me doing all the shopping.  While I enjoy the shopping, I find that I have been making a lot of impulse buys  in the past couple months so we are trying this system for a change.  I have been going to just one small store (it has been Giant Tiger) and then Doug goes to the larger store (i.e. Food Basics or Independent). 
Saw this story last week and had to give it a screenshot.  I thought it was so funny that CBC feature a picture of Snoop Dogg when talking about the weather. 


I bought this overnight mask a couple weeks ago after reading various reviews on beauty blogs and articles.  I am very pleased with how it has been making my skin look and I am going to continue using it for sure. 


A couple weeks ago, I had my class complete these sheets as a reflection for 2015.  I enjoyed completing my sheet as a model for the students!!  What can I say, maybe I should have been an artist!! 😉


On Saturday, Doug and I went with my mom and his mom to a Bride & Groom Show at Equinelle Golf Club in Kemptville.  We were there for about 2 hours and met all the various vendors which included everything from catering to jewelry to spa services to DJs and wedding venues.  It was a fun time, definitely made more fun by all the samples that we tried (wine, cupcakes, chocolates, etc.) and it helped Doug and I to see more of what we want vs. what we don’t want at our wedding.  

Hope that you all have a good week ahead!!



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