December 30 – Grocery Flyer Roundup

Happy Holidays to all!

I will be posting another day about various things I got up to during the holiday season..however today, I am focusing on the deals and steals that are on this weekend and for the first week of 2017.


  • Pineapple – 2.47
  • Uncle Ben’s Bistro rice – 3/$7 (We buy these because they are super easy…just cook them in the microwave for 2 minutes or so)
  • Kraft Philadelphia dips – $2 (Dill Pickle is the best!!)



  • Delissio Pizza Party Pack – 5.97 (contains 2 pizzas)
  • Pork tenderloin – 2.88/lb (throw it in the slow cooker for the day with a mix of BBQ sauce, brown sugar, garlic, onion, and maybe root beer and you’ve got easy pulled pork)
  • Dole Caesar salad kits – 2/$5
  • Kraft Peanut Butter – 3.99
  • Minute Maid frozen juice – 2/$0.99



  • **Dec. 29-31 only: Crispy Minis – 88 cents
  • PC chicken nuggets or chicken strips – 3.88
  • Avocados – 99 cents each
  • ALCAN tin foil and GLAD Cling wrap – 99 cents
  • **Jan.2 – Jan 4 only: Silk Almond Milk -2.88
  • **Jan 2 -Jan 4 only : Shreddies and Honeycomb – 1.67
  • **Jan 2 – Jan 4 only: 6 pk of Old Mill English muffins



  • Schneiders chicken wings – 5.47 (half price)


My top pick this week for grocery sales is Your Independent Grocer.  In my opinion, their best deals are the Silk Almond Milk and the cereal.  Silk Almond Milk can be close to $4.50 and it keeps well if you do not open it–so I for one will be stocking up at this low price!! The same goes for cereal-check the expiration date before you buy it, but generally cereal will keep fresh until you open it so you are ok to stockpile if you know you’ll eat it sometime this year!

Hope you have a great week,


PS- Most stores are closed on New Year’s Day-this means that on Monday, there should be a lot of products on for 50% off at places that sell ready-made meals like Independent or Metro.


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