The 12 Days of Christmas

Hi there!

So many of my blog entries are about a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Tonight’s entry is no different.  When it came time to thinking about a title for tonight’s post, I thought I would post 12 pictures/facts about things I have been up to lately, as the 12 days of Christmas start tomorrow!!

  1. Grilled Cheese Tuesdays


A coworker and myself have started to make free grilled cheese for students at our school for Tuesday lunch.  We thought it would be a nice idea for the month of December as it is a busy month for parents.  I/my favourite helper have been buying the ingredients and then a few of us at school are preparing the sandwiches at home and cooking them during Tuesday lunch hour. 

2. Engagement!!!

Doug and I got engaged last Sunday and we have plans to get married sometime in 2018.  We are very happy to be moving forward into this stage of our lives.  My ring needed to be resized and I was so happy to get it back yesterday to have it in time for our yearly Christmas party. 


3. Cookie Exchange/Christmas Party

Last night, we hosted our yearly cookie exchange.  Last year was the first year we hosted it and since it was such a success, we had the party again this year.  We had around 17 guests and 10 participated in the cookie exchange. 

I made snickerdoodles!  Some of the other cookies were: lemon squares, pretzel-white chocolate cookies, chocolate crinkles, peanut butter ramen noodle cookies, shortbread, chocolate marshmallow squares, and there were also some others!!

While we exchanged cookies, the significant others played video games downstairs and we also took in the Smiths Falls Parade at 5 pm.

4.  Meatballs on Sale


GT has meatballs on for half price ($4.98) this week.  This sale always comes on at this time in the year.  I picked up 2 bags the other day.  Sale is on until Tuesday!!

5. Crafting Christmas Cards


A couple Fridays ago, I made Christmas cards with a few friends.  It was a really fun and relaxing evening.

6. Neat advent calendar


I saw this idea on the Your Morning account on Instagram.  It is a bunch of books wrapped in green paper and the idea is the kids open up a new book each day.  I am going to do something like it with my class.  I am going to wrap up 5 books and 1 DVD and we will open one each day in my class leading up until Christmas.  I think this will be lots of fun!!

7. Who doesn’t love wine??


8.  Still going strong with the Vega One shakes!!


I have been having a shake to replace or supplement a meal about 5 days a week for the last month.  I have gotten used to the taste and I am quite happy about the nutrition I am getting from these shakes.  I am feeling energized and I think this will help me to stay on-track as we head into the holiday season.

9. Overwhelmed ??



I really liked this picture so thought I’d share.  Important thing to keep in mind as life gets so busy in December!!

10. A laugh for you



11. Transitioning to a 0.6 schedule

This week, the teacher I have been in for since September is starting to come back to work 2 full days a week.  This is an adjustment for all.  I am happy that I have gotten a supply day for Friday and I am confident that I will continue to get work when I am not in my own classroom.

12. Another laugh…because I don’t like cats?!



Have a lovely week,





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