My Life Lately

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the week ahead.  It seems as though winter has snuck up on us but I am prepared!! I bought some new winter boots yesterday in preparation for the season ahead as I got rid of my old winter boots in the “Capsule Closet Purge” of Summer 2016.

Tonight’s post is just a few photos showing what I have been up to lately.

Read on…


I have been wanting to try this tumeric latte forever!! I bought tumeric a month or so ago in preparation for making this recipe but I haven’t made it yet.  Tumeric is a buzz -worthy spice lately as it’s an anti- inflammatory spice, may help prevent cancer and heart disease, among other things!

Since it’s my first year teaching Grade 3/4, a good chunk of my spare time is spent planning and Pinteresting…trying to find interesting lesson plans and activities for my class.

This is the Shared Reading test we will be using this week:



We have also been working on answering open-response questions.  Last week, we looked at the CBC’s coverage of the August 20th Tragically Hip concert.




On Sunday evenings, I sometimes bake something to prepare for the week ahead.  Banana Chocolate Chip muffins are one of Doug’s favourite things that I bake.  This is a recipe that my mom gave to me.  I like it because it is so easy.  Sometimes I even cheat and throw everything in the bowl at once!!


I got this single-serve shake package from my friend, Amy.  I have been starting to drink nutritional shakes a bit mostly because I’d like to get a few more nutrients into my system on a regular basis.  I was sick for about 3 weeks (just a cold) this past fall so I’m hoping that I may be able to combat the germs better if I eat a little more healthy.

I bought the Vega Protein and Greens (Vanilla Flavour) earlier this week and then Amy gave me this package to try out the chocolate.  The vanilla is not bad…the shake definitely has an artificial taste to it, but when you add cashew milk, banana, berries, chia seeds, and vanilla, the taste of the shake isn’t too bad!!

I decided to go with the Vega brand because it was the best price for the nutrients you get.  The tub I got was regular priced $23.00 and there are 18 servings in a tub.  It is more costly for the Vega One so I will see how I do with this new habit.

I hope you have a great week 🙂


PS- Shout out to my brother, Brad, as he turns 27 tomorrow!!!!


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