Meal Planning for the Week

Happy Sunday to all 🙂

I have had a cold this past weekend, so I have laid pretty low.  However, I always make time to meal plan!!  Meal planning is something I started doing regularly earlier this year.  I find it eases my mind going into the week knowing that we have all of the ingredients we need to make meals for the week.

I decided to share how I go about meal planning as it is something I am passionate about because it simplifies life and I really think it also helps to cut down on our grocery bill because we buy less stuff that we don’t need.

Planning Meals for the Week

Before I make a grocery list, I plan out the meals we are going to eat for the week.

Here is what this week looks like:

Sunday – Pad Thai

Monday – Spaghetti (veggies and ground beef in the sauce) and garlic bread

Tuesday – Fish tacos

Wednesday – Pancakes and bacon

Thursday – Soup and sandwiches

I don’t meal plan for Friday and Saturday because we are often out and about.  We are usually pretty good to stick to our meal plan for the week, although sometimes things come up and we aren’t able to make the meal we hoped to make.  In these cases, we have back-up meals.

Back-up Meals

Back-up meals are meals that are ready to go for any night you are too busy to make something from scratch.  Usually, for us, back-up meals are frozen foods that you can just pop in the oven or on the stovetop and make a quick meal so you don’t have to order take-out.

I tend to buy back-up meals on sale, so there is definitely considerable savings when compared to the cost of take-out.  Our current back-up meals include:

  1. Egg rolls, popcorn chicken, Thai frozen veggies
  2. Salmon burgers
  3. Chicken nuggets and fries

I don’t find myself overly tempted to eat any of these meals instead of what we have planned simply because we often have these foods on hand.  However, it is nice to come home after a busy/crazy day and know we can just rely on a back-up meal if we don’t have the time or energy to cook from scratch.

The Grocery Shop

After I have planned out meals for the week, it’s time to plan out the grocery shop.  I usually plan to go to 2 stores.  Oftentimes, Doug will go to one store and I will go to another.  So, as I look at flyers, I choose which 2 stores have the best deals and/or things I need and then we plan to go to those stores.

This week, we chose Food Basics and Giant Tiger.


For lunches, we either have leftovers or sometimes we will make sandwiches or a soup.  One of my favourites to make is Butternut Squash Soup (one of my first blog posts).  I also usually have individual hummus cups on hand, which I’ll take to school with a handful or two of crackers.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek at my life and how I meal plan.  Have a great week 🙂




2 thoughts on “Meal Planning for the Week

  1. Nice post.
    Some things I like:
    – variety of meals and foods interests me
    – backup meal plan is well thought out and cost effective.

    Some things to consider:
    – give us some links to a pad Thai recipe and your squash soup. I hate hunting for stuff.
    – do you consider what you have in the pantry and the weekly sales when planning meals ? or do you just think up random meals and then buy whatever you need that week?


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