Flyer Deals – Week of Sept 1

Happy Labour Day weekend! I hope that everybody reading finds some time to relax this weekend.  Here are my picks for ‘best flyer deals’ this week:


Out of all of the stores, I think that Food Basics has the best deals this week.  When I do my grocery shopping, I usually choose 2 stores to go to, as it can be overwhelming to stop by additional stores.  This week, I’m choosing Food Basics and Walmart.

Anyway, here are the best deals at Food Basics:

  • Delissio Thin Crust Pizza – 2.97
  • 2.5-2.63 L Irresistables/Oasis Orange Juice – 2.97
  • 12 pk Coke products – 3.67
  • Black Diamond Cheese – 3.99 ** rock bottom price.  Stock up!! I’m getting 3!!
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce – 4/$5
  • Crispy Mini Chips and Lay’s Stax – 3/$5
  • Old El Paso Taco Shells – 1.99


  • Bulk Corn – 33 cents/cob
  • Dempster’s Bread – 1.97
  • Janes Breaded Chicken Products – 4.37
  • Cheese Strings – 4.97/pk of 16
  • Great Value Natural Cheese Slices – 3.97/12 pk


I chose to visit Walmart this week because of the Janes Chicken sale and because I often buy produce there.  To be honest, my preference is buying everything at Independent, but I don’t price match and the best consistent prices tend to be on Walmart produce.


  • Celery – 0.77
  • Cucumber – 0.77


  • Fresh raspberries (170 g) -2/$5
  • Nestle mini chocolate bars (50) – 6.99
  • Schneider’s mini sizzlers sausages – 2.22 (Fri-Sun only)
  • No name peanuts, salted or bbq (500 g) – 2/$6
  • Iogo yogurt (650 g), selected varieties – 1.67


I hope that you enjoy your weekend, whatever you do.  I am getting ready to teach Grade 3/4 for the first week of school. This weekend, Doug and I are meeting friends at a board game cafe in downtown Ottawa, visiting other friends at their new cottage, and having dinner with family on Sunday night.  

In the next week or so, I am going to be trying some recipes that are time-savers in the kitchen as things can get hectic with back-to-school and back to routines.



One thought on “Flyer Deals – Week of Sept 1

  1. I also am going to try a few new recipes in my kitchen for the busy days of school ahead. Will share the successes, hoping for some!!
    Have a nice long weekend.
    love Mom


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