Earth to Table Bread Bar

Today on the blog, I am going to tell you about my experience at Earth to Table Bread Bar (a.k.a. “Bread Bar”).  It is a restaurant in Guelph, which also has another location in Hamilton.  My brother, Brad, works as a bartender at Bread Bar and we have been to eat there a couple of times (plus have had takeout).

When Doug and I were planning for our trip to Guelph, we prioritized (I prioritized? 🙂  ) that we needed to make a stop at Bread Bar.  We decided we would make a reservation for their famous Sunday brunch.

The cost for one person is $28 plus tax. You get 2 alcoholic beverages, a-la-carte dishes off the menu, and a buffet of various salads, bread, dessert, and pizza.  Also, you get coffee and tea, your choice.

So instead of writing incessantly about how much I enjoyed my meal….I’ll just show you!! [Because we all know that every good blogger takes pictures of their food]


a slogan of Bread Bar’s is “good ingredients matter”


The Menu (above) is simple, but it really has everything you need.  The dishes are simple, yet delicious.  Bread Bar uses in-season ingredients so their menu is always changing, which is neat!

We started with mimosas. 

To eat, Doug and I decided to order a selection of items off the menu and then share them.  The portions were pretty small so we didn’t waste.  Here’s what we got…

  1. Bettina’s Greek & Granola Yogurt
  2. Smoked Salmon on Toast


3. “All the Sides” plate *the sausage patty was SO yummy

4. A selection of items from the buffet…potato salad, pasta salad, bread, and pizza.

5. Eggs Camy

6. Beef Brisket Hash

I am sure you can see that the food looks incredible.  It was really tasty, too.  Yes, you can get a cheaper brunch, but I find you can truly taste the difference when you go for a quality meal.  We enjoyed our experience from start to finish, and will definitely be back 🙂



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