Homemade Pizza and Grocery Deals

Hi there,

Today’s post is on grocery deals for the week and a homemade pizza recipe.


(Tuesday = last day for sales)

  • Michelina’s frozen meals – 88 cents
  • Maple Leaf weiners – 1.88
  • Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn – 3.00/6 pop-up bags * I got the bags that are 94% fat-free popcorn!
  • Carrot sticks – $1


(Thursday = last day for sales)

  • PC frozen fruit – 3.49
  • PC coffee (875-930 g) – 8.99




(Wednesday = last day for sales)flyer3

  • Sunlight liquid laundry detergent – 6.88 for 4.43 L
  • Sweet potatoes – 0.97/lb


(Wednesday = last day for sales)

  • Irresistables and Oasis orange juice – 2.97 for 2.5-2.63 L
  • Philadelphia and Heluva Good dips – 1.99
  • Hamburger Helper – 3/$5
  • Liberte yogurt – 4 pk or 500 mL for 2.99

And now, for the homemade pizza recipe…

Yesterday, I was craving pizza (again) and so Doug and I decided to make pizza, instead of buying it.  I realized we had all of the necessary ingredients, except for pepperoni, so Doug went and got it and we started making the homemade pie

I found a simple recipe for crust on allrecipes.ca.  My mom has had really good luck with that website, so I figured I could trust the recipe I found.

Here is the link: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/23290/pizza-dough-iii/

We used all-purpose flour and other than that, I followed the recipe exactly.  pizza3

I was pretty excited to finally try out this pan that we got in a Christmas exchange.  It is super heavy.  Really liked how it cooked the crust evenly.


I am a pretty huge fan of pizza.  I could probably eat it multiple times a week and be ok with it.  Not sure why.  And I’m not really picky about it, either.  I’m fine with getting takeout, a frozen pizza, or homemade.  Probably my most favourite “guilty pleasure” is getting a single slice from Pizza Pizza (doesn’t matter the kind) and dipping it in the Creamy Garlic sauce.  I loooove dipping!!

Here’s what it looked like, heading into the oven.  Our toppings were: pepperoni, spinach, onion, peppers, cheese and pesto

And here’s how it turned out…


So, I feel like the photo really doesn’t do the pizza justice.  It was really really good and I can definitely say I’d make it again.  I appreciate how easy it was to make the crust and it involved only 10 minutes of wait time for the yeast to activate. 

Hope you have a great day and see you later on this week 🙂



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