Deals, Steals, & Simplifying

Hope everybody’s Thursday is off to a great start.  On the blog today, I’m going to talk about some ideas associated with making a personal budget and simplifying your wardrobe.

First off, I’m going to highlight my best picks for grocery flyers starting today and tomorrow…


  • Country Harvest bread – 1.97

I like when this deal is on because oftentimes you have to buy 2 loaves of bread to get a good deal. 

  • Minute Maid Orange Juice – 2.00/1.75 L
  • Coil notebooks (if you use them!) – 15 cents



  • Christie crackers – 1.49 You will NEVER get a better deal than this!!
  • PC Keurig coffee pods – 4.99/pk of 12
  • Watermelon – 3.77 (average 11 lbs/watermelon)
  • Pork tenderloin or back ribs – 3.99/lb
  • 24 ice cream sandwiches or 30 vanilla bars – 4.99


  • Smithfield bacon – 2.67/ 375 g
  • Maxwell House Coffee – 5.77/925 g – don’t think I have ever seen the coffee this cheap!
  • Red or Green Seedless grapes – 97 cents/lb
  • Blueberries – 2.97/lb


  • Organic strawberries – 1.88/454 g
  • Pineapple – 1.88
  • 6 pk Irresistables muffins – 2.49
  • 450 g extra lean ground chicken or turkey – 2.97 **really good deal!!
  • 750 g Liberte Greek yogurt – 3.97
  • Boneless pork loin – 1.47/lb
  • Omega 3 eggs – 2.44


The other thing I wanted to talk about today was budgeting. Do you have a budget? Do you keep track of your spending?  This is a topic I have been thinking a bit about lately.  I have spoken to a few friends about what they do to make sure they can pay their bills, etc. 

One friend told me that she tracks all of her spending in a book.  She writes down every cent she spends so she can find out where her money goes.  I like this idea.  Since talking to her, I have started to pay attention to how much money I spend every day.  I can’t say I have started to write down my spending yet, but that’s not saying I won’t start!

I have also seen online that some people pay for most things with cash.  This is something I don’t think that I will start doing.  Simply because, I am pretty good with my money and I enjoy using the ‘perks’ that come from using a credit card frequently.  I use PC Mastercard and I find that every couple of months I rack up at least 30 bucks in points.  I use the points fairly frequently.  Usually I use them if we are hosting people for dinner and want to get a little something special or I buy a plant.  Recently I used my points to buy PC Salmon burgers (yum!) and a new orchid for our house.

I have also been thinking a little about the idea of a capsule wardrobe.  Have you ever heard of the idea?


Basically, the idea of the capsule wardrobe is to simplify your wardrobe.  You are to invest in pieces you absolutely adore and get rid of items you do not.  The idea is to buy good quality classic pieces in solid colours (mostly neutrals) and buy accessories, like scarves, in patterns. 

I am doing some thinking about making a capsule wardrobe.  The only thing to me is that it will take some self control as in order to be on top of your spending, you can’t buy everything all at once!


Here’s another image that could help you get started on your capsule wardrobe. 


Hope you have a great weekend.  See you next week 🙂






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