I’m Back!

It has been nearly a month and a half since I posted last.  Things got so busy with work and the dog and report cards that (unfortunately) blogging came last on the list.  But now, summer is here and I think I should be good to post pretty often.  I have missed sharing my life with you on here.  Oftentimes, I would think to myself, “Oh, that’s something I should share in the blog!”  It is funny how something so small can make such an impact on your life. 

So, the theme for this post is basically “pictures on my phone that I want to share” and I’m sure, along the way, I will share a story or two.


This photo is a picture of the mountain of food from my class party.  I feel like the picture really does not do it justice, but I had told the kids to have their devices away so I didn’t want to spend lots of time getting the perfect picture.  We had a class potluck last Tuesday to finish off the school year.  Students signed up to bring stuff.  It was meant to start at lunch, but we started around 10:30 as the kids were wanting to eat the food as they looked at it all morning.


This is my first weekend without having to do lesson prep and/or report cards in forever! I have been putting off lots of non-essential chores-such as cleaning my make-up brushes.  It feels so good to check things off your to-do list 🙂


In case you didn’t know, I kind of collect lipsticks.  If you wear lipstick, you’ll agree with me when I say that there are TONS of options out there and there are many not-so great lipsticks.  I really really like this gloss that turns to matte lipstick.  It is perfect for summer and you can put it on the AM and it leaves a stain that remains throughout the day.  NYX (pronounced Nix) is a new line of products at Shoppers and is highly regarded by many beauty bloggers.


I bought this foundation a month or so ago and I am really liking it.  I have never bought MAC before and only did so because Katie said that the girl who worked at the counter had been really helpful one time when she had went in.


Just got this moisturizer the other day.  It is supposed to make you glowy, radiant, etc.  I am not sold on it yet but I’m going to give it some time.


My artsy sushi picture.  Doug and I went for sushi last night at Sushi Kanata in the Centrum.  We were quite happy with the experience; I would say it is comparable to any other sushi place we have been to.  It was $22.99/person which is normal for a dinner sushi buffet.  My fave (as always) is the sushi pizza!!

I hope that you have had a good weekend and a great start to summer!!

PS – Just to make you laugh..


See you later this week 🙂





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