Meet Daisy

Yesterday was a super busy day as Doug and I got a puppy!


A couple weeks ago, Doug contacted our landlord to see if he would be ok with us getting a dog.  The lease we signed says ‘no pets’ and we have an awesome landlord so we did not want to offend him by going against the lease.  Luckily, he said he was ok with it so we started what ended up being a quick search for our new pup.

We started to look on Kijiji, mostly because that is where Caitlyn had such good luck finding her dog, Charlie.  Early last week, I found a 9 month old puppy whose owners were selling her because their kids were allergic to the dog.  The post had pictures of a border beagle (mix between a beagle and a border collie) and immediately I was hooked.

After emailing back and forth with the owner and meeting the dog last Thursday, Doug and I agreed to “adopt” the puppy.  We have decided to call her “Daisy” instead of her old name, which was Diamond.

We picked Daisy up yesterday and Doug has been doing his best to make Daisy like him best.  Truth be told, I think she actually likes both of us.  I think I am better at petting her than playing with her, but maybe in time I will become more playful.


How could you say no to that face???

I am looking forward to all of the fun involved with being a dog owner.  It has been fun talking to my students about what to name her and just talking to people about having a dog.  Last January, my parents’ dog (Dudley) passed away so it is really nice having a dog of my own to (sort of) fill the void Dudley left behind.

Hope you have a great week 🙂





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