My Take on a Recent News Release

Last Monday, Ottawa politician Lisa McLeod announced that she has had a battle with depression.  I was very interested to see what McLeod would disclose about her depression as it is something that many people deal with these days.  I was also interested to see how the local media would react to McLeod’s announcement. 

On the day of the announcement, I listened to Ottawa radio stations and overall I was not happy with what I heard.  Sometimes I get worked up about something and can just rant to my friends and family about what I’m upset about.  Other times, I try to take a more direct approach and deal with the issue head-on.  I decided to write a ‘Letter to the Editor’ to the Ottawa Citizen, hoping that my concerns would be aired in the city’s newspaper. Unfortunately, my letter was not selected and alas I did not hear back from The Citizen. 

Regardless, mental health is something that I am very passionate about and for that reason (and the fact that I have little time on my hands today 😉 ) I decided to post the letter I wrote.  Happy reading!!

This morning I was listening to various local radio stations on my morning commute and my ears perked up when I heard that Lisa Macleod had announced that she had been battling depression. I must say that in this day and age, I would hope that more people,particularly radio broadcasters,would be more well educated on the causes of depression.

One radio station announced that they would be speaking with Macleod via telephone. As I tuned in, the male broadcaster asked Macleod if she had developed depression because she had not been listening to his show. On another Ottawa station, the news broadcaster noted that the politician beat depression without medication.

I have seen many friends and coworkers suffer from depression and it is no joke. It is also unnecessary to highlight that someone has beat an illness without using medication.

I do want to credit Jump FM for handling the Macleod story with tact. The broadcasters said if anything, Lisa Macleod’s story has brought up the importance of getting help. Additionally, one of the female broadcasters said we need to eliminate sayings such as “I’m so OCD”, etc. from our vocabulary as they make light of someone’s illness.

Stacey Acres


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