Grocery Flyer Round-up

Those who know me well know that I love a good deal.  One of the ‘awesome’ things listed in the Book of Awesome is “When the thing you needed to buy is on sale”.  I couldn’t agree more!  I received a suggestion to do up a post on weekly grocery flyer sales-so we will see how this goes…who knows, it may become a weekly thing!!


Best Deals:

  • 10 pk Minute Maid juice boxes – 1.73
  • Family Size Post Cereal – 2.99
  • D’Italiano Bread or Buns – 2.00
  • Activia 8 pk yogurt – 3.00

Other Stuff I’d Like to Mention-

Truth be told, I think that GT has some of the best deals on the grocery market.  The GT in Smiths Falls also sells a lot of fresh produce (in small quantities) that is not advertised.  Additionally, GT probably has the best prices on single chocolate bars around-they are usually around 75 cents per bar.  Also! GT does not charge for plastic bags. 


Best Deals:

  • 5.1 L Purex – 8.88 (reg. $13.77)
  • Campbell’s Soup – 0.57/can *Selected varieties
  • Strawberries – 2.97/ 1 lb

Other Stuff I’d Like to Mention –

I like to buy most of our produce at Walmart.  The prices are consistently good and I do not price match (just never has been my thing).  Produce I find particularly cheap include: Big bag of spinach (under $4…does us for the week usually), peppers (about $1.75 per pepper…and they are sold individually), and broccoli slaw ($2.50/bag).  You can also find birthday/other occasion cards at Walmart for $1.


Best Deals:

  • Glad cling wrap/sandwich bags/Alcan Aluminum foil – 1.00
  • Pork shoulder blade roast or chops – 1.77/lb
  • Minute Maid 1.75 L Juice – 2/3.00
  • 500 g Kraft Peanut Butter – 3.00

Other Stuff I’d Like to Mention…

Independent is actually my favourite place to shop.  It is clean and visually-appealing.  I also love checking out the day-old bakery rack as it is usually a gold mine!!

Hope you have a good weekend and see you in a few days back on here 🙂




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