Recent Favourites

Today I have decided to do a post which is mostly pictures and less words.  Can you believe I have already made 10 posts on this blog?  I am starting to feel more comfortable on here and so today I decided to veer away from doing a recipe-focused post.  Instead, basically what I have done is I have gone through the photo album on my phone and I have chosen some pictures that I think are worth sharing.  Enjoy!

‘Under the Big top – Murder Mystery night with Friends’

On Good Friday, a group of us had a murder mystery night at Katie and Caitlyn’s place.  Missing in this picture is Karen (sorry Karen!!) Caitlyn found the package online ( and she emailed us our character profiles ahead of time.  It was such a fun night–and if you are wondering, no, no one guessed the murderer!!

The dogs – Charlie, Fergus, and Maggie

Doug’s grandmother has been away so his parents have been taking care of her dog (the white one).  I took this picture during March break.  Aren’t they a random group?       #squad goals 🙂

“Tempt” Cider and new Covergirl lipstick

I tried this cider a week ago and I am in love!  As Doug says “That’s dangerous…” You can find it sold individually at the LCBO.  I am kind of addicted to pink lipsticks and the new one I got is in the colour “Yummilicious”.  It is not long-lasting but the colour is sheer and a good one for spring.

Good Pinterest find

I found this post on Pinterest this morning.  I don’t know who to credit but just thought it was a really uplifting thing to read.

Girls’ Day in Montreal

On March Break, we went to Montreal for the day and finished the day off with a meal at De Ville Dinner.  The decor is awesome, the food is phenomenal (I had a fancy poutine and the girls had burgers with lots of toppings), and we just had an overall great time.

Easter basket from Mom & Dad

Doug and I are very thankful for the yummy basket my parents gave us for Easter.  The muffin cups and napkins will definitely be used as we make our way into spring.

TiVo – please mind the dust

We have been “cable people” for 3 weeks or so now and I am loving the TiVo feature.  What is especially neat is the TiVo is like our friend and it automatically records stuff it thinks we will like-which I think is genius!

Because Snapchat filters are AMAZING

Happy Easter! I have taken Mr. B. Acres’ comment into account and I will be making a zucchini loaf recipe one day soon.  This Wed/Thurs, I will be doing a special post on flyer deals for the week ahead-if it goes well, I will make this a weekly feature.

Have a wonderful week- you deserve it!



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