Quick Appetizer for a Girls’ Night

Hi there,

Quick post today as I am a little short on time.  This week, I am substituting for a teacher at the school where I used to work so I have been doing some planning for the week ahead.  I have also been working on a proposal for funding for Rideau Hill so it has been a busy day. 

This past weekend, we had a girls’ night at Caitlyn and Katie’s place.  Everyone was asked to bring a dish.  Katie made a coconut peanut chicken with rice, Caitlyn prepared a pineapple punch with whiskey, Steph made carrot cake cupcakes, Emily brought a coffee cake, Karen did a mixed greens salad with balsamic-pesto vinaigrette, and I brought an appetizer.

I made ‘Mini Wonton Salsa Baskets’.  To be quite honest, Doug actually did the making because I was running late!!  But don’t worry, he kept some of the “baskets” for his boys’ night.

The chef in action

From what I can tell, the recipe was really quite simple!! 😉

Take 24 wonton wrappers and press them into a greased mini-muffin pan.  Bake for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.  Combine a can of corn, black beans, kidney beans, and and 8 oz . jar of salsa.  Sprinkle with 1 c of cheddar cheese.  Serve immediately. 


So I find that the recipe was very easy and tasty, given the time it took to make everything.  If you choose to make this recipe, I’d recommend that you use 1/2 a can of the corn and beans and just eyeball how much salsa you would like.  I’d keep the cheese amount the same, though.  We had a LOT of leftover beans and salsa and I would love to say that none of it was wasted but unfortunately (fortunately? 🙂 one can only eat so many beans!! 


I got the recipe from this cookbook.  I think if I was to make this recipe again, I may consider adding some ground beef/chicken with taco seasoning to add a little more to the cups.  Additionally, the book suggests filling the wontons with spinach and artichoke dip.  That also may be a hit!!

Hope you enjoyed.  Have a great week 🙂



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