Simple Spring Projects

Hello, I hope that everybody is having a good weekend!  We are so lucky to have some beautiful weather this weekend and I can only hope it will continue.  With the nice weather being here, I have found myself motivated to do some decorating for spring. 

I enjoy decorating, but given the stage of life we are at, we do not have lots and lots of money to spend on decorating.  Pinterest and the Dollar Store are huge lifesavers for me!  This past Thursday, I only worked for the morning,so I used the afternoon to try out some spring ‘decorative touches’.  I use the term ‘decorative touches’ because some of the projects I did are not really crafts…they are more like…putting things together to make something new.  Confused?  You will see what I mean in a second.

First off, I visited Dollar Tree and picked up some fake flowers and burlap.  I split the flowers into three vases we already had and glued the burlap onto the vases and voila, instant-long-lasting spring flowers.



This one is my favourite.  I used the ribbon from the wreath that I made (shown later in this post…)

The second project I did was a wreath for our front door.  We previously had a beautiful winter wreath that I made at Brantim Country Garden Centre in Almonte.  I felt we needed a bright wreath that just shouted ‘Spring’!  I kind of like the idea of setting new goals and having a fresh start at the beginning of a season.  For me, decorating (and maybe rearranging the furniture…but don’t tell Doug!! He hates when I move things around) is one way to start the new season with a new, positive perspective.

So here is my inspiration for the wreath…

spring 4

I originally found the idea on Pinterest, but to get more ideas, I just did a Google search.  I made a trip to Dollarama (also on Thursday!) to get all of the supplies for my wreath.  I had decided ahead of time that if Dollarama did not have a hose, I would make another sort of wreath.  As I said earlier, I do not want to spend a whole bunch of money on decorating!!

At Dollarama, I found (and purchased) the following items: black hose (smaller than a normal hose), yellow and bright pink fake flowers, yellow and pink folliage (I’m not sure what other word to use!) blue polka-dot ribbon, and plaid ribbon.

Here is the final product…spring 5

I forgot to add… I used the burlap I bought at Dollar Tree to make a burlap bow.  I watched a Youtube video to figure out how to do it.  It really was not that hard!! Here’s the link click me.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, seeing as it is the first wreath I have made on my own.  I am going to replace the ribbon on the bottom with black yarn so the wreath is a little less busy.

The final project I’d like to show off was done by my friend Caitlyn.  She is super crafty and can always find a solution to a decorating dilemma!

Caitlyn’s latest fix was finding a way to hide the clutter in one of her cabinets.  The cabinet has windows on its doors so basically the contents of the cabinet are always ‘on display’.

To solve this problem, Caitlyn bought some placemats at the Dollar Store and she used a hot glue gun to attach the placemat to the window.

See the process below…

spring 7


It is my hope that you enjoyed viewing our simple spring projects. I would love to post anyone else’s spring projects… just email them to me at

Thanks for reading,



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