Product Reviews

It is a beautiful day outside and I’m pretty sure that everybody now has spring on the brain.  I heard today on the radio that Environment Canada says we are going to have an unseasonably warm spring.  Bring it on!!!

Today, I have decided to do a post where I review some new products that we have tried this week at our house.  I am such a sucker for new products…particularly health food products.  Today’s line-up is a mix of healthy and tasty.

Anyway! Moving on to my product reviews for this week…

#1: Wonton Crunch ‘Coriander Pork’ Wontons

product review1

The family who created this product is from Smiths Falls.  Last year, they made a deal on Dragon’s Den and the product has really took off.  I had always heard lots of buzz about Wonton Crunch but I tried the product for the first time last Thursday.  We needed an easy dinner because both of us go to sports/the gym on Thursday evenings.  So, Wonton Crunch to the rescue!!

The review: The wontons are easy to cook (you may bake, boil, or fry them) and they taste very fresh.  We opted to bake them and we served them with a Ginger Bok Choy salad (Eat Smart brand).  I can’t say that I could taste the coriander but the pork filling was very flavourful and the texture was like real meat.  We followed the serving suggestion and dipped the wontons in sweet chili sauce.


product review 2
Dad approved.

Recommend? I would recommend that you try the Wonton Crunch wontons.  I opted to buy this product because it was locally-made but I think that they totally stand up to competition brands.  Last night, we tried the ‘Chicken Bruschetta’ wontons as an appetizer for dinner last night and they were also good.  However, Doug and I both agreed that the Pork Coriander was more flavourful and just overall yummy.


 Both of my Grandmas had seconds on the Chicken Bruschetta wontons we had at my sister’s for dinner last night.

#2: Sunrype ‘Tropical Sunrise!’ Smoothie

product review 7

Please don’t mind the 50% off sticker.  Probably one of my best shopping tips is buying stuff 50% off.  Most of the time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the product you are buying-sometimes it is because the product is about to expire, and other times the product itself is changing so the store is clearing out the ‘old’ products.  I bought this smoothie juice because it was 50% off and on sale.  The juice was on sale for $3.00 and with the discount it came to $1.50.  A win in my books!

Review: Just so you know, the smoothie was not past its expiry date, so that does not impact my review!  At first gulp, the smoothie had a strong mango taste that has hints of banana.  Its consistency was quite thick.  I first opened the smoothie on Friday and had another glass of it on Saturday.  I found that the smoothie was not as good on Saturday.

Recommend? I wouldn’t recommend this smoothie juice mostly because it is not as good as a fresh smoothie and I found it to be a little too thick.  If you were to buy it, I would recommend trying to drink it in one day because the quality heads downhill on day 2.

#3: PC Brand ‘Vanilla Bean’ Kefir

product review 6

I bought this mostly because it was on ‘blow-out’ at Independent…priced at $1.99 (regular:$4.99).  I tried the ‘plain’ flavour last year when the grocery store was doing samples but I have never tried the Vanilla Bean flavour.

Review: It tastes SO good!  Basically like a vanilla yogurt drink.  I really hoped I would like this Kefir product because I have heard a lot about Kefir’s health benefits…it is full of probiotics (helps with digestion), high in protein, and minimizes bloating.

Also… “It’s yummy and I really like it”. -Doug

Recommend? I would highly recommend buying this brand/flavour of Kefir.  I can’t say it will be on my grocery list every week just because it may get kind of expensive.  However, if you are someone who is in need of an immunity boost, it may just be worth it!

Let me know if you have any recommendations for future product reviews!!





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