Soup-er Weekend


I spent last night in Kemptville at a fundraiser for Rideau Hill Camp.  I am the secretary of the RHC Council and it also happens to the be the place where I met Doug and most of my close friends!! So, needless to say…the camp is a place close to my heart and I am happy to be a part of anything that helps Rideau Hill.

If you have never been to a soup cook-off, basically what happens is people bring in soups and then attendees vote for their favourite soup using money.  We had a mason jar set up in front of every soup and may I say mine got very full!!!  (let’s just say my friends and family were very supportive…that or they were worried about how I would react to losing..)


I made a Butternut Squash soup for the event.  It is very rare for me to have already tried a recipe before I bring it somewhere, but this recipe was one I have made twice previously.  I found the soup recipe on Pinterest. It is from a blog called Gimme some Oven.

Why I like my Butternut Squash soup recipe:

  1. It is made in the slowcooker, so I do not have to watch a pot on the stove!
  2. I found cubed squash in the frozen veggie section at Independent..which means no peeling or cutting up squash.
  3. The soup has a smooth, velvety texture that is due to the expert use of an immersion blender 😉

By the way, here is the recipe: click me


Good to the very last drop! 

So I ended up doing quite well at the fundraiser.  At the end of the night, I was named the Soup Cook-off Champion!!  Who knows where I will showcase my soup-making talents next?!

Before I go…I just want to give an ‘honourable mention’ to some other super-yummy almost-as-good-as-mine soups…

soup 2

Rev. Blair (2015 Chili Cook-off winner) advertising his Curried Pea Soup


soup 3

My awesome friend Kris showing off his Cheddar Ale Soup (delish!!)

PS: If you’d like to check out the Rideau Hill Camp website go to

Hope you had a great weekend!




2 thoughts on “Soup-er Weekend

  1. Do you just need one bag of the squash? Will that give you the right amount for the recipe? Going to try the recipe and the green smoothie. I enjoyed reading your your blog very much!


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