My First Time Baking Scones

Last weekend, two of my dearest friends (Caitlyn and Katie) celebrated their almost-30th and 30th birthdays.  They had a Downton Abbey-themed party and they requested that I bring homemade scones.  I have never made scones but around these parts I am known for 1)Trying out new recipes and 2)Having a flour thumb (not funny, I guess…but I am trying to show that I have a reputation around here for baking).  Alas, I agreed I would make the scones.

So early last week, when I was asked to make the scones, I thought I should first try out a batch on Doug and then make sure that I could bake them to perfection.  But that is kind of like when you say on a Sunday “This week I’m going to only eat leafy greens”.  It didn’t happen…and therefore, there I was, on Saturday morning, with no recipe and the party was just hours away.

I hopped on Pinterest and typed in ‘easy scone recipes’.  The thing that scared me was that some of the recipes called for buttermilk (which I didn’t have) and others, at a quick scan, seemed kind of fussy.  Since it was my first time making the British treats, I thought I would call my mom to see if she had any insight.

My mom is basically the baking/cooking queen.  She has recipes for everything.  So I knew that when I called her, I would get a no-fail scones recipe that would impress my friends.

Mom forwarded me a scone recipe from the All Recipes website.  The recipe allows for add-ins, like raisins, but I kept the scones plain so that the scones would be perfect for Devonshire Cream and jam (a Downton Abbey essential!!)


I started by mixing the dry ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl.  Next, I used a stand-up cheese grater to grate the butter into the bowl.  I used my fingers to mix the butter and dry ingredients together until they were a “coarse meal”.

In another bowl, I mixed the wet ingredients using a whisk .  Then I mixed the wet into the dry ingredients and stirred just until the mixtures were combined.  I then used my hands to make a ball and took the dough out of the bowl.

The recipe asks you to pat out the ball and then cut dough into triangles.  Since I had just got a rolling pin for Christmas, I rolled out the dough and cut it into small triangles.


I took this picture because I thought it looked so artsy!!  The lifter/spatula was a Salvation Army Thrift Store find!! I just love it. 

Anyway-back to the baking.  The scones baked for about 17 minutes at 350 and then they were done.  I brought them to the party and I can say that they were appreciated and enjoyed.

I think that I am going to aim to write one blog post per week.  Most will be about eating/nutrition/trying out a new recipe.  I may even post some Pinterest fails.  Who knows!  Hope you enjoyed reading.


PS: The finished product… aren’t they cute?  I recommend using silipat on your cookie sheet so the bottoms don’t get hard or too dark.  scone2





One thought on “My First Time Baking Scones

  1. Glad the scones were “Downton Abbey” approved. They do look good. Looking forward to reading about your next project. Love Mom


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